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Child Development

Our mission is to provide the finest medical care and treatment for every kind of disease to the child. We initiate campaign to reach to remote areas and help doctors as well as strive to provide all kinds of required medicines

Erasing Malnutrition

We focus on holistic child development and improving survival rate of every children. Our team also focus on children, who are suffering the life-threatening disease and who are physically handicapped.


In chilling winter, every child needs warm cloths, therefore, we are also working in the best manner to provide all types of clothings to the children, who do not any have any cloth for winter and summer.

Education Support

Children are the future of the world. Hence, we strive to provide the better education for our children, so that they can make our world more beautiful. In order to provide valuable education, we are building the state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Child Equality

There are various areas, where the children are exploited and deprived of their basic rights. In order to support child equality, we have processed the campaign to support child equality.

Health Care

Our mission is to provide the finest medical care and treatment for every kind of disease to the child. We initiate campaign to reach to remote areas and help doctors as well as strive to provide all kinds of required medicines

Mundhadugu Program

Mundhadugu by GNM Improve living style of people by providing education.

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Lambasingh Program

GNM doing service to the poor people in lambasingh by donating book and clothes to the poor.

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Hudhud Program

GNM helps people by providing food at the time of hudhud cyclone.

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GNM Program

GNM encourage the talent of children by doing cultural events.

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Help Poor Children Get Their Own Homes

Improve living style of people, who are affected by several health issues & poverty and unable to come out this situation.

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Make Girls Educated To Aid Them Earn Reputed Position

Give an opportunity to girls to become educated, so that, they can stand with boys and get a self exposure worldwide.

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Help us to send Vegetables to poor

You can offer your support by sending vegetables that we can further send to these children in poor

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Change Life of Underprivileged Poor Children

GNM Help all poor communities without any constraint of religion or caste by raising fund for medical care, education, shelter and nutrition. You may also take initiate to sponsor a child to make his/her life normal and cheerful that every child owns the right.

Contribute Your Best To Execute Program

Think big to help the non-profit and charitable organizations to support maximum poor communities.

Donation Drive For Child Goodwill

Support together to give a new start to the communities of poor people and bring them out from economically challenging phase .

How you can help ? See Below

Media HelpMedia Helping

Donate money anywhere & anytime to offer help poor children.

Become VolunteerBecome Volunteer

Take initiate to become a volunteer and help those people, who do not have any hope for good living.

Send DonationSend Donation

Choose any medium either offline or online to send donation and aid NGOs to support people who are facing poverty.

Become Volunteer

Join with me to help the poor children And providing a free education

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What Donation Holders say

I have been impressed with the charity service that you work for people. I really believe that your dedication in this work will reflect positive effects as it has generated a volunteer hope in me to support the people, who do not have enough food to have and shelter to live.


I appreciate the work that you do offer. Charity in the excellent work that you contribute for the healthcare in the poor and help them take out from troubled.

Prudhvi Raj

It is a pleasure to see the wonderful continued support by the GNM Trust and related staff and clinicians. Our medical students are increasingly aware and motivated to become engaged in global health issues and the Trust provides an outstanding example of positive impact on the lives of children and their families.

  • Our Volunters say Read Below

    “Most of the dimensions related to life of human and their their living condition are in trouble these days, so help them to take a voluntarily step.”

    Vivek Roy (Head Sales of Sense Technology)
  • Our Volunters say Read Below

    “Very Happy to be a part of GNM Trust ”

    Raghav (Sales Executive at NV Company)
  • Our Volunters say Read Below

    “Help the poor and join with Gnm to make them educate.”

    Arjun Rao (Manager at GNM Trust)
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It is a fundraising association that works to provide support in education via charity. Their members have ensure that fundraising amount to delivering at the right place and for the right purposes

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